Reliable Service, Friendly Support. Simply, the Internet.
  • v.92/x2 56K Connection
  • 5 Free Email Addresses
  • Personal Web Space
  • Statewide Mississippi Access
  • Speeds up to 128K
  • Available in many areas
  • 5 Free Email Addresses
  • Personal Web Space

Why NETDOOR and not those other guys?

Since 1995, NETDOOR has been a Mississippi owned and operated company. We strive to make our services easy to use, affordable and reliable. While our goals and services are always changing, one thing has not: Our customers are always #1.

  • Knowledgable support staff, located in Jackson, MS
  • Quick and easy to get a representative in every department
  • Technical support when you need it most
  • Flexible services available to meet every need, small or large
  • Easy to upgrade to NETDOOR business Internet from the people you know and trust
  • No hidden charges or regulatory fees