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Network Status Report

Monday, June 22

Meridian Service Maintenance

Tonight at midnight, NETDOOR will replace a modem chassis in Meridian. Though this kind of maintenance is usually scheduled at times of minimum usage, the schedule has been moved to an earlier time to ensure that our Meridian area customers will have more reliable access throughout the evening. During this very brief transition, customers dialed in may be disconnected for a moment. Immediately dialing in again will route you to another modem rack. We thank you for your patience during this emergency maintenance.


We announced yesterday that the UUnet connection we rely on for redundancy was routed through New Orleans. We were incorrect in this statement as the circuit is actually routed through Atlanta as ordered, however UUnet's interLATA (IXC) carrier suffered the break in fiber that caused an outage that affected most of Mississippi. We apologize for the error.

NOTE: Previously unknown to us, we discovered as a result of this outage that all three of our backbone providers (MCI, UUnet, and BBN) use the same interLATA (IXC) carrier. Our UUnet DS3 upgrade will be routed through a more diverse carrier when installed a few weeks from now.

Saturday, June 20

Internet Outage

A few weeks ago we announced yet another Internet connection from one of the worlds largest Internet providers - UUNET Technologies, a WorldCom company. This connection was SUPPOSED to be a diverse connection - in other words, routed differently than our current primary Internet connection through MCI. Although our service with UUnet was provisioned out of Atlanta, UUNet routed our service through New Orleans, thus running the same path as our primary connection with MCI. Around 5:30 PM, the fiber was cut between Jackson MS and New Orleans LA and BOTH our primary and secondary connections to the Internet were lost. Needless to say, our management will be discussing this outage with UUnet on Monday. We just signed a 3 year DS3 contract with UUnet and will have written assurance that our connection will be through a more diverse route - or find someone else who will provide us with the service you expect.

Multi-login Policy Notice

We have finalized our new Multi-login Policy based on customer feedback and management approval. Please see this webpage to read all about it.

Friday, June 12

Proposed Multi-login Policy Change

The Acceptable Use Policy governs the use of the system for all NETDOOR subscribers and is located at Please follow the link below if you would like to view or comment on the proposed changes to the Acceptable Use Policy. We would appreciate your participation in this survey.

Expansion Announcement

During the early part of July, we will be announcing several new local access cities. If you know of an area in Mississippi that really needs a great Internet provider, please email our marketing department so it can be considered in our expansion plans.

Thursday, June 11

Greenwood 56k Notice

Due to a programming glitch on the digital modems in the Greenwood POP, the proposed ITU v.90 56k support was not working on our dialin equipment. Although U.S. Robotics/3Com x2 enabled modems would correctly negotiate a 56k connect via x2, our non-USR v.90 customers could not connect above 33.6k. We have made the necessary changes to enable both x2 and v.90 support for this POP as of today. Furthermore, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to our Greenwood area 56k customers and our support technicians.

Monday, June 8

Hattiesburg Area Storm

The NETDOOR staff would like to extend our sympathies and heartfelt condolences to those families and loved ones affected by the recent storm in the Hattiesburg area. If we can help in any way, please let us know.

Jackson v90 Upgrade

Although the rest of the statewide NETDOOR network is v.90 and x2 compliant, our largest POP, Jackson, has yet to have software released that will enable the new v.90/56k modem standard to operate. We expect the 3Com code to be released before the end of the month and will be x2/56k only until then. We would like to apologize for the delay but have been told by 3Com the delay will help ensure the best possible connection and transfer rates and compatiblilty for our customers and their varied dialup equipment.

Network Upgrades

We will be making several changes to our physical network in the next few weeks that may effect our early morning and dedicated line customers. These changes will enable redundant connections between our co-location space with Brooks Fiber and our secondary computing facility and NOC. We will also be creating several VLANs to enhance security and push performance levels even higher on our already low latency network. Although expected to be short, while these changes are being made there will be periods of network routing instability as connections are moved to different routers and other changes made. As usual, we will work diligently to ensure this effects the lowest number of customers.

Wednesday, May 27

Power Outage in Hattiesburg

We've just been notified today that in the early morning hours of Thursday, May 28 (tomorrow) that Entergy will be replacing a pole that happens to provide power to our Hattiesburg POP. During this time (roughly 5:30 AM to 7 AM), our Hattiesburg area users ability to dial-up will probably be affected by this necessary outage. We apologize for this inconvenience, but it is necessary and, though we were only notified a short time ago, we're doing our part to ensure that this situation affects as few of you as possible. We thank you for your patience and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 1.800.952.1570 or e-mail

Thursday, May 14

Greenwood Transition

Just a reminder to our Greenwood customers that the long-awaited upgrade of our facilities is set for 8 AM today. During this time, you may be disconnected as the equipment is transitioned. We apologize for the brief inconvenience, however this upgrade will deliver 56K technology and twice the number of lines to the area.

Power Outage

During the early hours of Tuesday, May 19th, NETDOOR's main office and computing facility is due for electrical maintenance. While this maintenance takes place, we may experience some loss of power, however the servers that house our most crucial services are being moved offsite to our co-located space at Brooks Fiber. We will do our best to ensure that dial-in, e-mail, and web capabilities will function properly, however some services (such as our Quake and RealAudio servers) may go offline during this time. If you have any questions, just e-mail

NOTE: We were notified just a few days ago of this situation and have expressed our deepest concern for the timing and notice of such a major outage. As such, we are working around the clock to help minimize the impact this will have on network and systems reliability.

News Server Configuration

In the coming week, we will be refining our news server so that the articles will not expire quite as quickly as before. We appreciate the feedback that we've received from all of you, however we do ask for your patience and your understanding during this time period as we strive to meet the many news needs of you, our customers. If you have any questions or (politely worded) comments, please direct them to

UUnet Connection Status

Due to unforeseen configuration issues on the part of UUnet, our tertiary internet connection has been deactivated until UUnet's engineers can resolve their issues with our bandwidth needs. While we fully expect this matter to be resolved in a matter of days, this shouldn't affect our users as we still have plenty of available bandwidth and another fully functional redundant connection to the internet.

As always, if you have any questions about these things, please shoot an e-mail to or give us a call anytime at 1.800.952.1570 (or 969-1434 in the Jackson area) and we'll be glad to help you.

Thursday, May 7

Even More Bandwidth!

Today, NETDOOR is proud to announce the arrival of our third backbone connection to the net. This connection is to UUnet, one of the largest IP carrier networks in the world. The arrival of this connection should make for faster access of webpages and other data on UUnet's network and provides a second redundant connection to the internet.

Greenwood Transition Date Set

A date has been set for the transitioning of Greenwood's dialup facilities. The equipment is scheduled for activation next Thursday morning at 8 AM. As previously mentioned, this upgrade will double the dialin capacity and bring v.90 and USR/x2 56k technology to that location. Again, many thanks to our ever-patient Greenwood customers.

Quake 2 Server

This evening, our ever popular Quake 2 server had its processor upgraded. This upgrade should make your Quaking experience even faster than before!

Wednesday, May 6

New USENET News Server

The new in-house news server is now operational. By week's end, it will be carrying news feeds from three upstream providers. Some adjustment to your newsreader may be required. If you experience problems, find out how to reconfigure your newsclient here. If you have further questions or issues, e-mail

Sunday, April 26

Greenwood Going All Digital

In the coming weeks, our ever patient Greenwood area customers will have digital dialup facilities installed and join the ranks of our other all digital sites. This upgraded equipment will be both v.90 and USR/x2 56k capable and will double the existing dialin capacity. A long time coming, this upgrade is in appreciation to those who have waited patiently. Once the install date is firmly established, we will post it on this webpage.

USENET News Service Moving In-house

After trying a few alternatives with mixed results, we have made the decision to move the USENET news service back in-house. Starting later in the week, our enhanced news server will be brought online. After the conversion, customers should notice improved performance, reliability and available connections. We will also be enabling SPAM filters on all incoming articles to help combat this USENET nuisance. Should you have any questions about the news service after the swap, please do not hesitate to e-mail

Mississippi ISP Comparison

Ever wonder how NETDOOR stacks up against the competition? Well due to the wonderful World-Wide Web, you no longer have to guess as we have compiled a basic breakdown of the differences in local and national providers available for our customers use.

Usage Statistics Updated

The online usage statistics have been updated thru April 19th. Check your online time at

Hattiesburg ISDN Number Changed

Due to 128k ISDN connection issues, the digital dialup number in our Hattiesburg POP has changed. A reminder email with the new phone number will be sent to those customers affected. Please note, the analog modem number has not changed.

Saturday, April 18

Changing your password

Effective immediately, users can now change their passwords on-line. To utilize this feature, simply point your browser to our Member Services page. This will change your password for your dial-in and e-mail accounts only and is the preferred method for changing your password.

For users who wish to change their password on the shell machine (aka, you must telnet there and change your password manually. Very few users utilize this service, so if you're unfamiliar with this you can safely ignore it and use the above method for all your password changing needs.

Uploading your personal webpage

Also effective immediately, users who wish to ftp their personal webpage to our server need to ftp directly to Visit the helpdesk for more information.

As always, if you have any questions about these things, please give us a call anytime at 1.800.952.1570 (or 969-1434 in the Jackson area) and we'll be glad to help you.

Saturday, April 11

Hattiesburg Move - Monday! Monday! Monday!

Monday, April 13, around 5:00 AM, we will be moving our Hattiesburg POP to another physical location. The crosstown move should only affect our dialup customers for a few minutes as BellSouth points the local POP number to upgraded v.90 dialup equipment already in place. Customers online at this time will be disconnected from the Internet as the old POP equipment is powered off, IP routing changes made and phone company number switching completed. Customers dialing into the Hattiesburg POP after these changes are made will be dialing into the new POP location. Dedicated customers will experience an outage of not less than 30 minutes as equipment is moved and routing changes made. Local technicians will perform the move throughout the morning and will be readily available if unforseen problems arise. Our last move of this magnitude went off pretty well in 1996 as we moved our Network Operations Center in Jackson MS. We do not expect this move to be any different.

Recent v.90 Upgrades

Many of our modems throughout the network have been upgraded to the newly proposed v.90 56k modem standard. For those of you that have x2 modems, do not fear. The 3COM/USR server equipment we utilize supports both the v.90 and x2 56k modem standards. For an update list of 56k sites, please check out this page.

Sunday, April 5

v.90/56k Upgrade Announcement

Upgrade time again and it looks like good news for everyone! We have already begun our rollout of the new 56k modem standard (v.90) and will be coming to your town soon. We will support the ITU v.90/56k and USR x2 standard on 100% of our modems within the next 60 days! If your modem vendor has an upgrade path to the newly adopted 56k standard, please take advantage of it as it works much better than the current proprietary standards. For more information on 3COM/USR's 56k modems, please check out As usual, NETDOOR will be the first Mississippi ISP to offer such a performance minded service as part of the standard dialup account.

Note: For the record, we use 3COM/USR's Total Control Enterprise equipment in all our locations.

Web Server Hiccup

While performing routine maintenance at 6:15 this morning, some system libraries were altered rendering the web server inaccessable for approximately one hour. During this time, some Netdoor websites were unreachable. No other services were affected by this short mishap. Our gremlin repellent does not seem to be working so if anyone has any ideas, please e-mail them to our network admins.

Friday, April 3

Brief Internet Outage

When it rains, it pours...especially in Mississippi! At approximately 11:30 am, the fiber that connects our modems to our service machines was bent by a Brooks Fiber representative. This bend interrupted the flow of data from our co-located space to our servers. During the 30 minute period, clients could not login or use any of NETDOOR's internal services.

We are concerned that fiber maintenance of this type was being done during the middle of the day and we will be discussing this with Brooks Fiber management.

We apologize for the disruption in service and please ask our support team if you have any questions.

Thursday, April 2

Mail Server Outage

Last evening at approximately 6:30 PM, the mail server experienced an unexpected error due to the operating system incorrectly writing data to one of the drive arrays.

The mail server is now functioning, however the mail you've had may not be there at this time. The systems administrators are aware of the situation and have been working throughout the night (and are currently working) to fully rectify this issue. We appreciate your patience while this issue is being addressed.

Update: To better inform you of 24 hours in the life of a network administrator, we have compiled a timeline of events in the failure and recovery of the mail server. Full Text.

Monday, March 30

New Mail Server

Early this morning, the administrative team put our latest mail server into service. This new server features speed and storage gains over the current one.

During this time, some of you may notice that your mail is either not there or old messages are marked as new messages. Your old mail is being redelivered, so that all your mail will be in its proper place when the transition is complete. The transition should be complete in the early hours of the day. If you have any questions about this upgrade, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Sunday, March 22

Jackson Area Dialup

During the early morning hours of Sunday, March 22nd, we installed several new 3COM/USR terminal servers after testing a few of these the week before. Although last weeks beta testing and implementation went flawlessly, the install this morning did not go as planned. Between the hours of 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM today, Jackson area customers may have had to dial in more than one time to establish a successful connection to the Internet. We have since backed out the changes and will be looking into exactly what went wrong. We would like to apologize for the slip in our almost perfect record for the year.

Thursday, March 12

Online Usage Report

Those of you who frequent the "Online Usage Report" utility section of our Member Services page may have noticed that this utility does not contain statistics for the month of March. Please bear with us as we add more disk space for this service. We expect full reporting capabilities within the next two to three weeks.

Wednesday, March 11

BellSouth Statewide Outage

Between 1:40 and 3:10 AM this morning, we experienced repeated minor outages (lasting one minute or less in duration) in most of our locations. BellSouth experienced trouble with their switching equipment and as a result, sporadic outages occured all over the state while they reset their equipment. NETDOOR's network administrators became aware of this fact almost immediately and reported the trouble to BellSouth, who promptly resolved the issue. Thanks to those who called us during this time to report this. We appreciated your patience while BellSouth corrected the matter.

Sunday, March 8

Biloxi Network Outage

Our Biloxi customers experienced its' first and unprecedented ten hour outage from around 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM Sunday due to a unspecified telco issue. We are working with the multitude of vendors involved to find out what caused this severe outage and what can be done to prevent this in the future. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The 56k wars are over .. or did they ever really start?

For an informative view on the 56k battle we have seen over the past year or so, please check out this Boardwatch article. The one thing that is clear is consumers are the real winners of this truce. NETDOOR will be upgrading to the 56k ITU Standard (v.90) when the server code for our 3COM/USR Total Control equipment is released. More information on client modems can be found here.

Hattiesburg Move and Upgrades

Due to the many telco related outages over the past 2 years, BellSouth has encouraged us to move closer to the Hattiesburg West Central Office within the next 30-45 days. Although this move will cause a major, scheduled outage most customers will be unaware of the move with Bell's help and our years of experience. Along with the physical move of our entire dialup facilities for the Hattiesburg POP, there will be a bandwidth upgrade and redundant connection to our Internet gateway in Jackson, MS and additional dialup facilities.

NOTE: The bandwidth upgrade was to be completed at the end of February, but was postponed due to the pending move. The cause of peak time congestion in this region is the postponed upgrade.

Friday, February 20

Mississippi Business Journal Interview

The February 16th (Vol.20, No.7) edition of the Mississippi Business Journal features an interview with NETDOOR President and founder Marshall Morgan. In this interview, Mr. Morgan gives his opinion of where the ISP business is, where it's going, and a short history of the company. For those of you who haven't seen the interview, you can pick up a copy at your favorite bookstore, by contactng the Mississippi Business Journal's office, or you can view the transcript online.

Friday, February 13

Unsolicited E-mail

Last evening, a few of our customers decided to flood their fellow Netdoor users with unsolicited e-mail (also known as SPAM). Netdoor does not consider sending unsolicited e-mail a trivial matter. Any customer who violates this policy will have their account subject to termination. Also, we will not condone the use of our machines to send unsolicited e-mail to any user on any system (local or remote). Using the Internet should be a pleasant experience for everyone and we ask for your help in keeping it this way. Please see our Acceptable Use Policy for more information. Any and all questions concerning unsolicited commercial e-mail should be sent to

Sunday, February 8

Bell South DCSC Upgrade

As announced three weeks ago, the Bell South DCSC (Data Communications Service Center) frame relay upgrade was performed early this morning. During this time, many of our customers noticed an outtage of a few minutes or an inability to log on. Your patience during this upgrade is appreciated.

Friday, February 6

56k Modem Standard Around the Corner!

Announced today was the preliminary modem standard for 56k data transmission over regular analog facilities. What this means to you is that many modem vendors equipment may be upgradable to the 56k standard when it becomes available later in the year. Our superior modem technology and upgrade capabilities in our U.S. Robotics Total Control Enterprise Chassis will enable us to "flash" upgrade our equipment to the standard when it is released. The rest of the story can also be found at NEWS.COM

Saturday, January 24

System Maintenance Announcements

During the early morning hours of Sunday, January 25th, we will be performing a software upgrade to the main border router ( Many of our remote POPS will experience a short outage as the router reboots. As well, we will be performing a reboot of our Ethernet switches in our computing facility in Jackson MS (they have been up an average of 215 days!). all servers will experience a 3-5 minute outage as the devices reboot.

As always, NETDOOR provides superior technical support for all our customers via e-mail to or by calling our 24 hour Technical Support Center located in Jackson, MS at 800.952.1570. We appreciate your patience during this upgrade and maintenance period. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us your comments so we can continue to improve our expanding service.


SUNDAY MORNING NOTICE: Due to a unresolved technical issue, the router was unable to be upgraded. Once this issue is resolved we will reschedule an upgrade outage.

Monday, January 19

System Maintenance Announcements

Starting at 3:30 AM, we performed a maintenance reboot of all the dialup equipment on our network. During this brief, planned outage customers that were connected to the net via NETDOOR's dialup service were disconnected temporarily. The outages lasted from 3-8 minutes for each device we reset. No other services were impacted by this maintenance procedure.

New Voice Response System

To better handle calls during peak times, we have installed a new voice response system for our business and technical operations center in Jackson, MS. With the new system, callers will be directed to the department or person they desire more efficently, and answers to frequently asked questions are readily available through the menu system, saving you time. As always, our technical support staff is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make your transition to the Internet smooth and trouble-free...we just got a face-lift!

Thursday, January 15

Jackson Area Announcements

The additional facilities that were scheduled for installation tomorrow have been turned up today! Thanks goes to our speedy U.S. Robotics vendor, Network Operations personnel and our friends at Brooks Fiber. We have plenty of available facilities waiting in the wings and will be constantly monitoring the new years' growth. Be sure to tell your Internet pals that NETDOOR is serious about dialup reliability, availability and performance.

Biloxi Location Takes Off

Just as the skyline along the coast has changed dramatically in the past few years, so has the local Internet market. With the recent opening by NETDOOR, the coast now has a local ISP with the U.S. Robotics x2 56k standard, 24 x 7 support and the best balance of service, performance and reliability at their fingertips. If you know of someone that wants to take advantage of our 10 day FREE trial and FREE Connection CDROM tell them to give us a call at 800.952.1570.

BellSouth Maintenance Notice

The BellSouth DCSC (Data Communications Service Center) has scheduled a frame relay network upgrade between 12:00am and 5:00am on February 8th, 1998 for all Mississippi switches. It will take approximately 30 minutes to upgrade each switch and our customers will see several service interruptions during this time. The new release of software will provide BellSouth with many services and features and should not effect existing customers networks.

Several locations will be effected by this BellSouth planned outage. We will post additional information as it becomes available.

Tuesday, January 13

GRAND OPENING on the Gulf Coast

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the NETDOOR family; Mississippi Point of Presence (POP) number 8. This new POP is located on the sunny shores of Biloxi. All of our U.S. Robotics' x2 56k enabled modems and 128k ISDN dialups are active and ready. Depending on your calling plan, this may be a local call for Ocean Springs, Gulfport, D'lberville and of course, Biloxi. For those of you who travel to the coast and need Internet access while you're there, just set your phone number to (228) 432-1800. Be sure and tell your friends about this great new location!

Jackson Area Announcements

Due to the seasonal rush, some of you may have experienced the occasional busy signal in the Jackson area -- something you may not have heard for almost a year. As always, we here at NETDOOR are aware of the situation and have it well in hand. By Friday evening, January 16, additional facilities will have been installed. Other area announcements are forthcoming.

Monday, January 5

New Commercial Web Server

We have completed a long awaited upgrade on one of our mission critical commercial servers. The new server is another Compaq 2500R/RAID running Sun Microsystems' Solaris Operating System as is our production mail server. We know when your company begins the search for an Internet provider or a better one to host your domain ... NETDOOR will be the clear choice. Call our Commercial Sales Team today at 800.952.1570.

Area Announcements

No news is good news. All area services are functioning normal. The only new news is the Carthage POP has been software upgraded to x2. We have a surprise area announcement coming in the next few days so keep and eye out for it!

Hope you are having a Happy New Years thus far. Don't forget to tell your friends about signing up with NETDOOR if they are not on already.