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We will periodically send important information concerning your account to you via e-mail. If you are unable to read your mail or have any problems, please call us or visit our helpdesk.

Sunday, June 30

The brief DNS outage on Thursday morning was caused due to a failing root drive on, our commercial web server and primary DNS server. During the effort to revive this machine, an operator error caused news service to go down for several hours.

We apologize for the inconvenience this caused everyone, and we're taking steps to minimize the results of any such failures in the future. We've put in place 2 new root drives for our Sun SparcStations. On one of these, we're going to install everything necessary for it to replace the root drive on any of our servers, and then pack it up and store it in a fireproof safe. If a disk failure ever occurs again we'll be able to restore service faster than ever before. We are also going to replicate more services on dedicated servers to minimize the downtime of any one service in the unlikely event this should happen in the future.

Read more about our move to the new corporate headquarters in Jackson MS and see what the schedule is for our service outages.

Thursday, June 27

The news server outage of today was again due to a file system crash on a 9 Gig drive. The technical support representatives from Sun Microsystems were notified of this reoccuring problem and are looking into it at a much greater priority level. The drives data (alt.binaries groups) was lost due to this error.

The DNS (Domain Name Server) service was down for 3 minutes around 6:20 PM Wednesday and again at 1:55 AM Thursday for under 2 minutes. Connections that require DNS such as mail and login authentication were effected by this service during those times. Thanks to all that notified us of this error at the time of the short outages.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions about this outage or have any problems, please call our Network Operations Center anytime at 800.952.1570.

Tuesday, June 24

This is an outage message from UUNET Technologies for Internet Doorway, Inc. and other customers connected to their site in Houston, TX.

 Subject: UUNET Maintenance Announcement for June 25, 1996

 During our normal maintenance window on Tuesday, June 25, 1996, UUNET
 will be performing the following activities.

 We will be performing power maintenance in our Houston Hub. All sites
 connected to this hub may experience an outage of up to 90 minutes.

 Unless otherwise indicated, maintenance is scheduled to start at 4:00 a.m.
 local time at the affected site.  

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions about this outage or have any problems, please call our Network Operations Center anytime at 800.952.1570.

Tuesday, June 18

More facilities announcements for Hattiesburg area customers.

Internet Doorway, Inc. will move the corporate headquarters to downtown Jackson sometime between July 10-15. This move will necessitate a change in several phone numbers for our Jackson customers. More on the changes in the coming weeks.

Saturday, June 8

Upgrades are here. Please read the Area Announcements for more information.

Saturday, June 1

We will be adding a 4 Gig drive to at 4:00 AM, Sunday morning. The affected services will be personal webpages, personal ftp areas, and shell accounts. These services will be unavailable during this upgrade period, as the server will be off-line. The maintenance period may last up to 2 hours.

If you have any questions about this upgrade, please call our Network Operations Center at 800.952.1570.

Tuesday, May 28

The signup form for our BETA test of new connectivity options is here. Please read the Hattiesburg Area announcements for further information or call our Network Operations Center at 800.952.1570.

Sunday, May 26

Our Jackson Area plans have been updated and contain information concerning a possible move and additional features.

The new phone number for our Hattiesburg is tentatively schedule for activation on June 7th, 1996 at 5:00 PM. This will be an exciting moment for online communications in Mississippi. Read more about it in the Hattiesburg Area Development Area.

The file system problem with the news server reappeared yesterday, and the information given to us by Sun Microsystems was implemented per our conversations with their support team. We hope this situation will not appear again the the future.

Wednesday, May 8

Great news for our customers in Hattiesburg!

The news server now has 128 Megs of RAM and over 15 Gigs of drive space. The serious file system problems that have occurred have a tentative configuration change that will be put in place if (when) the drives lose data again. We hope this does not occur, but we will be watching it closely as usual.

Want better performance from World-Wide Web and FTP sites? Who doesn't? Then try out the proxy server. Check out our configuration pages for Netscape Navigator 2.0 and Internet Explorer.

Thursday, May 2

The problematic file system on the News Server has claimed over 15 Gigs of news today. The server is operational, but the complete feed was lost as of 12:00 PM. The new newsfeed is steadily filling the drives. We have again contacted Sun Microsystems to help determine the root cause of the problem, and will be working with them to help eliminate this in the future.

Our newest location, Tupelo, is showing a steady increase in subscribers since it's opening a few weeks ago. Thanks to all that have forwarded individual and company business account leads.

Tuesday, April 23

Notice: All bills were due by April 21st. Thank you for mailing in your payment if you have already done so. We will be locking accounts out on Friday, April 26 for outstanding balances. If you are concerned about your account status, please e-mail or call the Accounts Manager at 800.952.1570.

We are please to announce a distribution agreement with NetSpeak Corporation for WebPhone, the premier TCP/IP based phone utility. For more information, please follow the above link.

Thursday, April 18

More on Hattiesburg ...

UUNet announced the following outage for 4:00 AM on Tuesday, April 23rd:

 We will be rebooting all routers on our network.  Customers will
 experience a brief outage, followed by up to 20 minutes of routing

We will be rebooting the terminal servers in all locations on Friday at 4:00 AM. Please note, anyone online at the time of the reboot will be temporarily disconnected to perform this maintenance procedure.

Sunday, April 14

The Hattiesburg Area Development and the Meridian Area Development pages have been updated.

Our newest site, Tupelo, MS, the birthplace of Elvis Presley, will be online by Wednesday. If you know of someone who needs Internet access or a company that may be interested, please e-mail or have them call our Operations Center at 800.952.1570.

Thursday, April 11

Looking for your bill? Well, take a look in the mail box in the next few days for your new statements. If you have any questions about it, or would like explanation of our billing practices, please e-mail or call our office at 800.952.1570.

A 4.3 Gig Drive in the news server crashed today. All of the news (non-binary) was lost although a replacement was installed shortly thereafter to ensure no new news would be lost. A replacement drive is on the way and is expected to arrive within 24 hours of this posting. The news server's disk space is down to just under 10 Gigs for the remainder of the week. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The Longest day ... continues.

Thursday, April 4

More on the Hattiesburg Area upgrade.

Have a question, but afraid to ask? Check out the Internet Doorway Virtual Helpdesk for information on how to install the latest and greatest Internet applications, troubleshoot an installation or just view the nice graphic.

Monday, April 1

Important Announcements for our Hattiesburg and Starkville area customers has been updated.

We would like to congratulate the Mississippi State Bulldogs for a great season of basketball. As the only Mississippi team in history to reach the Final Four, their achievements show how hard work and perseverance pays off.

Thursday, March 20

The News Server has been upgraded to just under 15 Gigs of drive space over the last two days. The default expire time for articles has been greatly extended due to the volume of data available for news items. If you know of a news group that you would like to be added to the server, please e-mail

The long awaited announcement of the facilities upgrade in Hattiesburg has been made. Please look at this public notice for more information.

Friday, March 15

We will be doing a maintenance reboot of all terminal servers in every Internet Doorway location starting at 3:00 AM, Saturday. Customers online at the time of the reboot will be temporarily disconnected from the network. This maintenance window should not last more than 5 minutes for any location. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The new 9.9 Gig news server drive was shipped incorrectly, and will not be available until Wednesday morning at the earliest. We regret that the vendor did not produce this required upgrade, but are working with them to help ensure the correct component arrives per this new schedule. The news server is functioning properly, but in a reduced disk space capacity (just under 6.0Gigs). Thank you for your patience.

Tuesday, March 12

The Good News: A Seagate 9.9 Gig Barracuda Drive will be ordered for the new news server today. It should arrive on Wednesday morning.

The Bad News: The 4.3 Gig drive that has been performing well over the past few weeks, decided to die. We have temporarily replaced the drive with a 1.0 Gig drive. Total system drive space will be just under 6.0 Gigs for the next 24-48 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The mid-semester rate of $25.00 will begin on March 15th. By enrolling in this plan, you can save over 35% off the Full Access account. This low priced, single-billed subscription rate will credit your account to May 15th (that's under $3.25 a week!). If you want to sign up early, please fill out the University Access form today. For more details, check out the University Access plan or call 800.952.1570.

Saturday, March 9

The News Server will be down for drive enhancements, memory upgrades and conversion to the dedicated Sun SparcStation starting at 5:30 AM. The final phase of the new server will take between three and six hours.

The upgrade should significantly increase the performance of the USENet news service. No other services will be effected during this maintenance period.

Tuesday, March 5

Don't think we forgot about you ... We have been busy working on future enhancements to the Internet Doorway line of services and programs. For more information on what is going on in your area, please check out the SPECIAL Internet Doorway ONLY Development Area.

Sunday, February 4

We hope everyone faired the Ice Storm of '96 well.

As of February 1, all services returned to normal.

The cold weather encouraged most subscribers to stay at home and seek alternative entertainment. This substantially increased the dialup usage in all our POP's, causing an unusually high number of busy signals. We are adding more facilities in both the Jackson and Hattiesburg locations within the next two weeks to help overcome this situation in the future.

Monday, January 29

Due to several hardware problems this weekend, we were unable to complete the server upgrades. We will be contacting the vendors this morning to seek additional information, so we may complete this upgrade tonight.

As you may already know from your own experience, we pride ourselves on the limited downtime we have had in almost a year. We regret the inconvenience this has caused and will be evaluating our procedures to help prevent this situation in the future.

Current Outages

Saturday, January 27

Greenwood online! Well, actually last week the site was operational. The response from one of several new POP's has been tremendous. This community has been waiting to get online for several months and with our arrival the patient Delta crowd decided to rush to get connected. Welcome to the Internet.

Upgrade time again, but just a few days earlier than planned. A hardware failure caused the Mail server to go down for several hours on Friday. Mail received should not have been lost as our backup of the system was under two hours old. As of 4:30 PM, Friday, the mail and related systems were fully operational. The News server is the only service effected at the current time. We expect a functioning News server by Sunday.

We will continue to work this weekend on upgrading the remaining servers to Sun SparcStations as scheduled. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail or call 800.952.1570.

Monday, January 15

Internet Doorway is proud to announce the opening of another Point of Presence. Starkville, the home of Mississippi State University, becomes our fourth location in the state. Both traditional analog and ISDN dialup services are available, along with Frame Relay dedicated access. All 28.8k modems are installed in this location, as well as our other sites. We anticipate heavy demand for our service in this market.

If you know of an individual or an organization that is interested in subscribing to our service, please e-mail or have them call 800.952.1570.

Our fifth site will be operational before the end of the week. Stay tuned to this page for more information.

Saturday, January 13

Sunday morning, January 14th, Internet Doorway will be installing additional terminal ports for the scheduled addition of dial-up lines in Hattiesburg. All dial-up sessions in Hattiesburg will be taken down during this maintenance period and new sessions will disallowed. The maintenance window is expected to begin around 6:00 AM and normal operation is expected by 7:00 AM. If you experience any difficulties outside of this maintenance window, please e-mail or call the Network Operations Center at (800) 952-1570.

Saturday, January 6

Sunday morning, Jan 7th, UUNET will be deploying a major change in its routing configuration, affecting our ability to access the Internet. You may notice sporadic connectivity from the time of the scheduled configuration changes, 4 AM CST, until the end of the maintenance window, 6 AM CST. During this time we will be doing a maintenance reboot of all our terminal servers and routers. Anyone logged in at the time of the reboots will be disconnected for up to 5 minutes. If you experience other difficulties, please e-mail or call the Network Operations Center at (800) 952-1570.

Tuesday, January 2

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It shall be for all of us at Internet Doorway and we hope it is for you as well. Please keep sending us feedback on how we can help make Internet Doorway what you want it to be.

Just when you thought we were going to take a break ...

We are planning massive upgrades to our existing locations along with several new sites coming online in 1st Quarter 1996. The first of phase of this project is expected to be complete before the end of January.

This is the year of ISDN, and as everyone knows, we were the first in the state to offer this type of high-speed connection to the Internet. There is a rumor that our friends at BellSouth are looking at a price reduction for both commercial and residential ISDN. With this in place, you will be able to utilize a higher bandwidth connection (128k is nothing to sneeze at!), at reduced rates.

Look here for details as they become publically available on our upgraded services and locations.