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Network Status Report

Wednesday, December 6

The BIG Move

Due to power concerns, we have postponed our planned move to our new co-location facility until early January, 2001. We will begin the process at 2:00 AM and continue until sometime around 8:00 AM. During this time, many critical services such as web, mail and authentication and Internet connectivity will be lost until they are brought back online in the new building. We are doing everything possible and working closely with all the vendors to help ensure we have a quick and smooth transition. More details on this move in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, November 15

New Webmail Service

Our new and improved webmail application will be unveiled in the next few weeks in order to update our aging java-based webmail service. We have further customized it to conform to our new Netdoor look and feel that will be seen in the new year. Our beta test customers have been very happy with the performance and function of this new application and is why we have chosen to utilize it. Screen shots (minus our visual changes) are available here.

News Server Change

On Friday, December 1, we will no longer use our existing primary news service. In it's place will be the one we have been using as a backup due to better performance and reliability. During this time, customers will have to refresh their news groups and articles via the methods described in our support web pages. We trust this service will be as reliable as it has as a backup and everyone can enjoy this sometimes overlooked service. The company we are purchasing this outsourced service from is based out of Texas. Since news is as big as the state, we should be in good hands (

The BIG Move

In case you haven't noticed, we have been very quiet over the past few months. It's not that we went away and forgot about everyone, but we have been busy working on our new, wholly owned co-location building. It's not only going to be state of the art but exactly what we need to continue to grow at the rates we have sustained over the past 5 (going on 6) years. While other companies fold and fade away, we are back in the forefront with our leading edge reliable services and vision of the future. More details and pictures are to come but let's just say the co-lo will be open to our customers and competitors when we are settled in. The move is planned for the early morning hours of December 5th beginning at 2:00 AM - the entire process will take somewhere between 2 and 8 hours. During this time there will be noticeable sporadic as well as long outages that will effect the entire statewide and Internet network through Netdoor.

NOTE: This will be the largest and longest move in our company's history. We are doing everything possible to minimize the Internet downtime and are working very closely with all the parties involved (and there are many, many people working on this from all sides).

Tuesday, August 29

Network Upgrades

We are in the process of adding more dialup facilities in many of our remote access cities due to planned network expansion and the recent demise of a local ISP. In addition, we have a new POP in Canton that began taking calls on Friday, August 25th. This new POP along with another to follow will help eliminate the recent busy signal issues for a few of our remote access cities (such as Crystal Springs, Vicksburg, Brookhaven, Magee and others). We also upgraded our UUnet connection and ordered an upgrade for our CWIX connection. We appreciate your patience during this network upgrade.

Tradeshow this Week

The Jackson Computer and Technology Showcase will be coming to The Mississippi Trade Mart on Wednesday, August 30th. The show hours are from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM and runs until Thursday, August 31st. If you would like to attend this yearly event for FREE, please drop by our Corporate Headquarters between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM to pick up your free tickets (we have plenty!). You can also pay at the door if you do not have tickets to the show. Stop by booth #217 and check your email, talk shop and see what goodies we have in store for you. BellSouth is providing us the telecommunication's service at this year's show and our friends at Photo Images are providing the show materials as they have for the past 4 years. We will have a new Compaq iPaq on display along with the always popular and colorful Macintosh G4 in tower form.

Billboards Abound

Be on the lookout for those bright yellow billboards around your town. We have a few of these around the state and if you see one you will surely not forget it. Be sure to wear your sunglasses if you plan on looking directly into these brilliant boards! Jackson, Hattiesburg, Meridian, Oxford, Starkville, Philadelphia, Vicksburg, and Natchez all are represented in our current billboard campaign.

The Hunt for the Spammer

We recently made an announcement that we were in the process of looking for a person or company that used the email address as a from address in the perpetration of SPAM. We are still pursuing the case and will post the results of the action taken against this entity. We take spam and especially spammers very seriously and will not tolerate people abusing our good name or people that use us to send spam to the Internet community. Please encourage your representatives in Washington to help the fight against spam and make the Internet what you want it to be.

T-Shirt Giveaway

Our T-shirts are almost gone but the summer heat is still here so get them while they're hot - the T-shirts that is. See the message in the next announcement bulletin for more information on how to get yours today. A big thank you goes out to our local distributors for helping make this possible and to all of you for your comments regarding this FREE offer.

Free T-Shirt Phrase

"NETDOOR is Mississippi's ISP. Thank me!"

Local Distributors

Netdoor Headquarters - Jackson
Electronics Boutique - Hattiesburg
Electronics Boutique - Meridian
Electronics Boutique - Vicksburg
The Computer Connection - Tupelo
Simple Solutions - Starkville
Impact Computers - Gulfport

Wednesday, June 14

Netdoor Files SPAM Complaint

On May 26, we filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court in response to a recent rash of SPAM email that forged reply-to addresses of non-existent Netdoor email boxes. The person(s) responsible for sending the email are being tracked down in order to recover damages to our company and domain name, administrative time to respond to hundreds of complaints and legal fees. Beverly Pettigrew Kraft of the Clarion-Ledger covered the story in a front-page article in the June 5th edition of the newspaper. Please see their news archive for the entire story (

New Business Class ADSL Service

Starting today, we can now offer small business owners a new, low-cost ADSL service utilizing a new Netdoor/BellSouth ADSL rate. The $195 a month rate includes web hosting, corporate email, usage statistics and 192k x 192k Internet access service. A one time installation/equipment charge and an ADSL service availability check is required. Please email or call (969.1434 or 800.952.1570) our commercial sales team for more information.

Netdoor T-shirts Available

How can we thank thee? How about a FREE 100% Cotton T-shirt? In the next few days we will begin shipping t-shirts to one Netdoor Advantage Pack distributor in each of our major market areas. Five hundred of our oldest customers will be notified of a special pass phrase, so that they may have the first opportunity of receiving this special gift. Next week, we will post the pass phrase on this announcement page so that other customers may take advantage of this limited, free offer. Whether you receive a t-shirt or not, we would like to thank everyone for their support over the past five years and helping make Netdoor Mississippi's ISP.

Network Upgrades

We have recently completed an upgrade to our Half-Life Team Fortress Classic server that enabled it to handle more players and add an additional game. We are preparing another mail server upgrade to ensure your email flows as fast as we add new customers - this upgrade is in anticipation of our upcoming anti-SPAM filtering software to be announced. We are also working on rebuilding the customer information pages so that you may update your billing information and make other changes to your account online. We are working on some exciting anti-SPAM measures and a content filtering add-on. Stay tuned to this page for more information as it becomes available.

Important Announcements Page

A few people have asked us why this page has not been updated in the last few months. It's not that we didn't have anything to say, but rather we have been busy behind the scenes making sure everything's running like a top. We will endeavor to write at least one announcement per month to ensure you are notified of our efforts to continually improve our service. Thank you for your patience.

Monday, March 13

Netdoor Acquires Internet Solutions

Netdoor, the largest privately held Internet Service Provider in Mississippi, announced today the acquisition of Internet Solutions, Inc., Mississippi's premier web site development firm. The two companies combine to offer state-of-the-art access technologies with cutting-edge corporate web site design. For more information, read the entire press release at

Residential ADSL Services Announcement

We regret to inform you that as of Monday, March 13, we will no longer be installing residential ADSL service thru BellSouth Telecommuncations - this does not effect installed customers or orders placed before today. We will, however, switch other residential ADSL service provider's customers to our service for FREE and include a 3-month service credit (a $180.00 value) with a 12 month service agreement (call for details). If you want to read all the details please see our reasons why we have made this decision. If in the future we fell like we can offer this service in a timely, accurate and cost effective manner for our customers, we will once again install residential ADSL service through this particular telephone company.

NOTE: This does not effect our Commercial ADSL service offerings in any way.

New Anti-Spam Service to be Utilized

On Tuesday, March 14, we will begin using the MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System) RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) on our mail server. The MAPS RBL is a system for creating intentional network outages ("blackholes") for the purpose of limiting the transport of known-to-be-unwanted mass e-mail. Thousands of ISPs and corporations use this service to cut down on SPAM and have since 1997. More information can be found at the home of the MAPS RBL info page at In the past, our mail administrators have managed our own known-to-be-spam lists with varying results.

In addition to utilizing the MAPS RBL, we have imposed a maximum of 25 recipients when using the Netdoor mail server (incoming or outgoing). This includes to, cc and bcc fields as many spammers use this "feature" to decrease the number of messages needed to sent millions of server clogging emails a day. The drawback to this is a few customers use this as well to send or receive adhoc mailing lists. If you are interested in continuing to use this pseudo mailing list method we highly suggest you utilize a mailing list application (like the ones available at or check out the free web-based mailing list application at

If you have questions about our methods for controlling the amount of SPAM we pass on to you, please email our support staff or check out the SPAM page on the Netdoor Support site.

Misnet Outage

Our former Internet Solutions customers experienced a very long outage - 25 hours - due to a car, telephone equipment and fiber phone services. The outage began around 11:30 PM Friday and lasted until 12:30 AM Sunday. Although we called in tickets with all telephone companies involved and followed up at regular intervals there was not much that could be done to expedite such a major outage. As we transition the ISI services to our network, outages such as this become less and less likely due to our proximity to the major phone companies and redundant network design.

Monday, February 14

Commercial Services Changes

We have lowered many of the dedicated connection prices and created new dedicated services including a Business Class ADSL service and a Burstable T1 service. If your business is thinking about changing from a lower speed dedicated connection or dialup service to these new product offerings give our commercial sales people a call at 718.4410 or 800.952.1570 or email them at Current Full T1 customers can switch their service to our new burstable service by signing a 12 month contract with no reinstallation required. Call or email your Account Executive today for more details.

Network-wide Upgrades

A few months ago we started offering dialup service to many new and sometimes remote locations throughout the state. During this time we have had a difficult time providing the necessary facilities to keep the possibility of busy signals to a minimum. We have always been committed to providing superior dialup service including fast connections, better throughput and lower busy signals and will continue to upgrade to that end. Our "ER Dial" service that is utilized by many of these new and remote areas are scheduled to have more facilities installed on Wednesday, February 16, with Tupelo and Hattiesburg upgrades to follow a few days after - Greenwood and Philadelphia were recently upgraded in both modems and bandwidth. We appreciate your comments and patience during the past few weeks and will continue to closely monitor the utilization.

NOTE: We have added 184 lines to the ER Dial pool in the past 6 weeks and will continue to do so until we have satisfied your connection needs. As well, BellSouth has been very helpful in adding so many lines at such short notice - we want to give'em a big thank you!

USEnet News Service

Over the past few years we have tried many different methods to provide this service with the performance and reliabilty you have come to expect at NETDOOR. We have put forth major resources internally more than once with success for a short while only to see the growth of the "binaries" newsgroups go from 10 Gigs a day to over 40 Gigs a day - quality and article retention time suffered. In order to provide this service in-house it became an ever growing percentage of our Internet backbone connections and news server diskspace but customer downloads from the news server over slow dialup modems stayed at less than 1% of the total incoming data flow - bandwidth economics forced us to reconsider the usefulness of the demanding service. We have also tried a few outsource news providers with similar results - great at first then periodic outages and performance problems. Today, we are once again evaluating an alternative, outsourced news service in hopes we can find a "up to our standards" news service. If you would like to try it, just set your news reader to Be sure to see the support site for instructions on how to best utilize this service. If the evaluation is positive we will change to point to this new service.

Friday, December 31

Happy New Year!

The New Year is upon us and we at NETDOOR would like to wish you a Happy New Year and remind you to drive safely and drink responsibly. Whether you're on your way to that Bowl game or Rockin' in the New Year at home (or via the Internet), we hope that you have a good time and that 2000 will be your best year yet. Look forwarding to seeing you on the other side of Y2K!

POP Upgrades Completed

You may not have noticed, but we have been busy working on upgrading several pops the past few weeks. Meridian, Tupelo, Columbia, Philadelphia, Greenwood, and Carthage have all had additional modems added and Hattiesburg had a boost in bandwidth. We have also added several Cisco CE-550 Cache Engines throughout the network. These webcaches increase the speed of static pages from popular sites by caching them locally instead of pulling the same data from far-off and sometimes overworked servers.

Y2K Websites

The following are Y2K links to keep you going all night:

Friday, November 12

New Local Access Numbers - Revisited

We are pleased to announce the addition of new local access numbers throughout the state - more than 52 local dialup numbers - more than any other ISP in Mississippi. As you can see, our marketing department is pushing the network folks to the limit a little early this year. With the busy season ahead of us we want to make sure more people can enjoy the performance and reliability of NETDOOR than ever before. Help spread the word. Check out the entire list of pops.

Lower Rates for ISDN

Many of you may have noticed, or will notice very soon, that we have lowered the dialup and dedicated rates for ISDN service in our major areas. Check out the new rates for your home or business today. More speed for less!

The Jackson Bandits

NETDOOR is proud to support the Jackson Bandits - An ECHL Hockey Team. If you have followed hockey since you were a kid, or been watching it since the 84' Olympics or never been, you'll love all the action during the real thing - and it's local. Check out their webpage for schedule information and order your tickets online today. Support your local professional sports and have fun at the same time. ! Go Bandits Go !

Technical Support Representatives

NETDOOR is currently accepting applications for qualified technical support representatives for both full and part-time positions. All qualified applicants please see our Job Opportunities page for more information.

Wednesday, October 27

UUnet Fiber Cut Repaired

At 2:40 PM, UUnet's engineers in La Grange Georgia repaired the OC-12 that our primary network connection is housed on. The circuit is back up, fully operational, and seems to be functioning fine. Many thanks to the UUnet engineers and to you our customers for being patient during this unexpected network issue.

Wednesday, October 27

UUnet Fiber Cut Affecting Bandwidth Levels

At 9:45 this morning, 15 of UUnet's OC-12 circuits were cut in La Grange Georgia. OC-12's carry tremendous amounts of data and as a result, this cut has severely impaired network traffic for potentially thousands of Internet users in the southeast and is not limited to only affecting our customers. The network traffic intended for UUnet's network is being routed over our other network connections but, due to increased traffic on these backbones, you might notice slower performance for a few hours as UUnet technicians restore the massive network connections. We have been in contact with UUnet all day, we will keep you posted as more information becomes available, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Tuesday, September 28

New Local Access Numbers

We are pleased to announce the addition of 14 new local access numbers within the state with service scheduled to begin on the 4th of October. Our latest round will bring our POP total to nearly 50 local access points. Staying a NETDOOR customer will become even easier for you and your friends and family as you move about the state. If you know of additonal towns that need a more reliable and performance minded ISP, let us know! This is just another reason we are Mississippi's ISP.

POPs to be added:

	Forest			Poplarville
	Yazoo City		Batesville
	Natchez			Greenville
	Indianola		Clarksdale
	Magee			Brookhaven
	Wiggins			Picayune
	Gautier			Pascagoula

Facilities Upgrades

During the last few weeks we have upgraded the way we do remote POPs to better serve our customers in cities such as Canton, Crystal Springs, Vicksburg, Goodman and other areas. We also added modems to Oxford and Meridian as well as increased the bandwidth to the fast growing town of Oxford. Longtime POPs Tupelo and Jackson are scheduled for more modems on Tuesday and Friday respectively in order to meet increased customer demand and for future growth.

SEGA Dreamcast Now Supported


Sega's Dreamcast is an 128-bit console system released in America for $199.99. The Dreamcast has been out in Japan since November of 1998 and is due to be released in Europe on October 14th. Featuring a built-in 56K modem, the Dreamcast will help shape the future of online gaming and allow for the relatively easy conversion of PC games for play on the platform. Over ninety games are in development for the Dreamcast, and at least fourteen will be available at launch. The Dreamcast also doubles as an Internet device, allowing you to surf the web and send email with the help of the optional keyboard.

Check out our support pages to find out how to use NETDOOR with a Dreamcast machine.

Tuesday, August 31

Tradeshow this Week

The Computer and Technology Showcase will be coming to Jackson MS at The Trade Center on Wednesday, September 1st. The show hours are from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM and runs until Thursday, September 2nd. If you would like to attend this yearly event for FREE, please drop by our Corporate Headquarters between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM to pick up your free tickets (quantities limited). You can also pay at the door if you do not have tickets to the show. Come check us out at the Live! Internet Cafe in booth #207. We are scheduled to have a working demo of both dual channel ISDN, analog modem and ADSL service. BellSouth is providing us the telecommunciation's service at this year's show, our friends at Photo Images are providing the show materials and the guys at User Friendly those lovely iMacs and G3 towers.

News Server Improvement

In order to better meet the needs of our customers, we will be providing USENET news service from bCandid. Our own internal news server has performed very well with its nearly half a gigabyte of RAM and 90 GB array, but with our newsfeeds bringing in a combined 40 GB a day, the decision was made to find a solution that would allow our users to get more complete posts and longer article retention times. The USENET professionals at bCandid have four POPs with plenty of bandwidth, Sun E4000 servers, and terabyte news spools. We've had a good working relationship with them in the past and we look forward to continuing this relationship. The service will become active effective immediately.

NOTE: All existing NETDOOR customers who utilize USENET service on a regular basis will need to purge their newsreaders of their existing article numbers. More information on how to do this can be found on our technical support site.

POP Upgrades

Our Carthage POP was upgraded yesterday due to the increased number of customers dialing into this growing site. Although we have ended the short period of busy signals in the area, we were almost two weeks behind our customer's needs. Customers in Jackson, Oxford, Canton, Meridian, Goodman, Crystal Springs, Tupelo, Vicksburg and other cities are also scheduled for more dialup facilities within the month.

We would also like to announce the availability of MPP (Dual Analog Modem) service on 100% of our dialup modems throughout the state of Mississippi in addition to 100% v90 and x2 56k capabilities. Sign up today to take better advantage of your second phone line and modem. The cost for an MPP account is only $35.00 a month.

Friday, August 6

ADSL Deployment Begins

After a few weeks of delays, NETDOOR will begin ADSL installations starting Monday, August 9th. As with any new service, the price of early adoption brings with it many challenges that must be overcome. We appreciate your patience during this brief delay in our ADSL rollout. Don't forget to keep an eye on our DSL page for new information as it becomes available.


We would like to welcome WLBT-TV to NETDOOR. Jackson's NBC affiliate now benefits from server and network redundancy. WLBT, as well as our other commercial customers, enjoys our ease of use, knowledgeable support staff, and vigilant monitoring of all mission critical services. WLBT joins the growing list of Mississippi television stations hosted by NETDOOR including WDBD, WTOK, and WTVA.

New Personal Webserver Software Feature - PHP3

NETDOOR is pleased to announce the inclusion of PHP, the remarkable hypertext preprocessing language, to the personal webserver (known as This feature gives users the ability to produce CGI for their personal webpages in a language other than Perl. As always, we are always considering new ways to spice up your service and this addition to the personal webserver was made because of customer requests. If you're a NETDOOR customer and you have a suggestion about ways to improve our existing services, e-mail

Technical Support Representatives needed

NETDOOR is currently accepting applications for qualified technical support representatives for both full and part-time positions starting immediately. All qualified applicants please see our Job Opportunities page for more information.

Facilities Upgrade

On August 4th, the scheduled upgrade of Columbia was completed. This included doubling the modem capacity and quadrupling the available bandwidth to the area. Many thanks to our friends at First Federal Bank of Columbia and to our many patient customers. With this upgrade, we are now accepting new customers in the Columbia area.

Beginning in mid-August, NETDOOR will begin utilizing a new telephone service that will allow us to offload remote POP's to a central site. This new service should dramatically improve modem availability in cities such as Carthage.