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Network Status Report

Wednesday, December 30

Happy New Year!

The New Year is upon us and we at NETDOOR would like to wish you a Happy New Year's and remind you to drive safely and drink responsibly. Whether you're on your way to that Bowl game or Rockin' in the New Year at home (or via the Internet), we hope that you have a good time and that 1999 will be your best year yet.

Wednesday, December 23

Happy Holidays

NETDOOR would like to take a moment to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday season. If you're traveling over the Holidays, be especially mindful of the inclement weather and be sure to drive defensively. Should Santa Claus bring you a new computer or fast 3Com 56k modem over the holidays, we would like to remind you that tech support representatives will be standing by over the holiday season to get you connected to the Internet.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you with service in 1999!

Monday, December 7

30 Local Access Numbers / Area Announcements

As of Friday afternoon, we completed our first round of dialup facilities upgrades in preparation for the busy season to come. Jackson, Hattiesburg, and Meridian and surrounding dialup areas were all upgraded during this phase. All of these major POPS have a second upgrade planned should it become necessary before the end of the year. Greenwood is scheduled to have new equipment in place before the end of the week. Due to the timing issues, our Starkville POP will have not have additional lines installed until January 4.

Just to make sure everyone knows, we have added 24 local access numbers for the state of Mississippi in the last 6 months and we are proud of it! Now more than ever, we are Mississippi's ISP. The following is the list of the local access cities as of today:

       Biloxi          Goodman         Oxford
       Canton          Greenwood       Philadelphia
       Carthage        Grenada         Pontotoc
       Cleveland       Hattiesburg     Purvis
       Collins         Jackson         Ruleville
       Columbia        Kosciusko       Starkville
       Columbus        Laurel          Tupelo
       Crystal Springs McComb          Tylertown
       Duffee          Meridian        West Point
       Edwards         Ocean Springs   Vicksburg

USEnet News Server Upgrade / Announcement

During the early morning hours of today our UNIX administrators added another 18 Gigs of news space as part of our continual efforts to further enhance our news service. The server now totals 72 Gigs of article space. In the coming weeks, we will be unveiling yet another upgrade that could dramatically improve the completeness of articles in a series. More information as it becomes available.

Network Capacity Planning

Our ever watchful capacity planners have ordered more Tier 1 Internet capability from our main supplier UUnet Technologies. With the speed and reliability of the UUnet network, we have been able to have one of the best quarters in our networks' history. Thanks goes out to all those responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of data continues. The upgrade is scheduled for December 12 but may be postponed until our planned upgrade of our core Internet router the following week.

Thursday, November 26

Thanksgiving Day

Many of us have much to be thankful for and NETDOOR is no exception. In the last few years our loyal customers and our hard work have helped make us - Mississippi's ISP. Today is a day to spend with the family for food and fun and is also the day before the biggest shopping day of the year. With the growth and consumer acceptance of e-commerce, this year may be a great time to try shopping online. With fun and secure places like CDNOW, Egghead, Amazon and even Eddie Bauer available online, you may be able to spend less time in the car and more time actually shopping this year. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 18

Jackson MS - Bellsouth to MCI Worldcom Connectivity

Customers in many Jackson area dial locations may be experiencing busy signals, fast busy signals and other telco messages late at night due to capacity issues between BellSouth and Worldcom/Brooks Fiber. Worldcom is aware of this potentially serious problem and has scheduled an increase in the number of trunks between the two for Friday. The number of additional facilities is unknown but assumed to be somewhere around 300 lines per conversations with our local contacts. Customers may remember a similar situation last July when this very problem was encountered.

New Local Access Numbers

We are proud to announce several more local access numbers to our growing list of local dial locations throughout the state. New areas include Cleveland, Ruleville, Goodman, McComb, Tylertown, Columbus, Collins and Ocean Springs. For the full list of cities with local access numbers, please see our update POPS page at For those of you roaming around the state with your notebook computers you may want to print out a copy of our one page configuration sheet to keep those numbers handy.

New Dialup Facilities Ordered

In anticipation for the busy Christmas season, we have ordered additional network capacity for many of our POPS including Jackson, Hattiesburg, Meridian, Starkville and Oxford. Before the end of the month, we will be replacing equipment in Greenwood and Biloxi as we have in other locations. We will also be upgrading our Internet bandwidth to UUnet during the month of January.

Corporate Office Move Successful

Through many weeks of planning and a very long Friday night/Saturday morning we were able to successfully and hopefully transparently move our corporate office and support center in the 111 Building in Jackson MS. Many thanks to those individuals who helped us with the move and to our customers for their patience during this time.

Friday, November 13

Corporate Move Tonight

As announced October 15, our corporate offices are being moved between the hours of 12AM and 8 AM. For the curious, this marks the first time in 18 months that our technical support department has had to shutdown for any reason. Access to webmail, Real Audio, shell, and "Member Services" will be sporadic as the servers are relocated. All other services will NOT be disrupted.

We appreciate your patience during this transition and, as always, we've done our best to schedule this at a time when the least number of users will be inconvenienced.

Tuesday, November 3


After a few weeks of testing, we are pleased to announce our FREE web based, secure, Java enabled email for NETDOOR customers available at Please check out the online help before trying out this exciting new service. Although not a replacement for your regular email client such as Eudora, Outlook and other POP/IMAP clients, this new edition will make it easier to check your email when out of town, at work or anytime you are away from your computer. In addition, we are going to discontinue the $10.00 family account and replace it with up to 4 free email addresses for each PPP account -- that's a total of 5 email addresses and a single dialup account for just $20.00 a month.

Network Upgrade in Progress

So what's an ARC anyway? For those who have noticed fewer terminal servers but more users on each of them when looking at the "Who's Online" feature, we have a perfectly good explanation. We are slowly working our way around the state upgrading much of the dialup equipment. The new software and hardware will support such things as Voice Over IP (VoIP), standards based Virtual Private Networking (VPN), and multi-chassis MPP for you dual channel users. Not to mention more horsepower than previous 3Com remote access products and finally ending that nasty Quake lag! This dialup equipment is so advanced, ISP's can put 336 callers, with fully redundant power supplies and terminal servers, in a single 19" x 8.5" footprint.

Corporate Move

Don't forget to send all correspondence to our new mailing address as mentioned a few weeks ago. The new address is:

         Internet Doorway, Inc.
         PO Box 22488 
         Jackson MS 39225

Thursday, October 15

New Mailing Address / CorpHQ Move

Our Corporate Headquarters is being relocated from the 6th floor to the 3rd floor of the Parkway Property 111 Capitol Building as of November 15, 1998. Due to this move, we are required to change our mailing address. As of this notice, please begin using the following address for bill payments and other correspondence:

         Internet Doorway, Inc.
         PO Box 22488
         Jackson MS 39225

As of November 15, the new physical address will be:

         Internet Doorway, Inc.
         111 East Capitol Street
         Suite 315
         Jackson MS 39201

Although we will be moving our entire office on the weekend of November 15, we do not expect this will affect our services in any way as most of our mission critical servers and services are housed in our MCI Worldcom co-location space. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to call or e-mail us.

Friday, October 9

Netdoor implements new Anti-Spam measures

Those of you who received the "UNIVERSITY DIPLOMAS" and "INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE" spam will be happy to know that new measures were put into place last week on Netdoor's mail server to stop such e-mail. The admin team has carefully monitored such activity for the last week and confirms that the amount of unsolicited e-mail has dropped dramatically since the implementation of the new software. The new measures give Netdoor the ability to effectively stop clever spammers who would otherwise circumvent our long standing policies on unsolicited commercial e-mail, in addition to easing the load on the mail server.

If you have any questions or concerns about these measures, don't hesitate to e-mail As always, you should forward any and all unsolicited commercial e-mail to

Area Announcements

Due to the ever expanding customer base in Jackson, Tupelo, Meridian, and Hattiesburg, more dialup facilities have been added to those areas. As always, we're constantly striving to maintain the high level of service to both our long-time customers and those just trying us out. We value your opinion as a customer, so we welcome any feedback you have in regards to the level of service you're receiving. Be on the lookout for several new exciting services in the very near future.

Netdoor's Biloxi location meets Hurricane George

While we thought that we had escaped the brunt of the inclement weather on the Gulf Coast, it turns out that we did not. The storms of the last week caused severe equipment damage, causing an outage in that area that lasted most of Tuesday. A special thanks goes out to our NOC team and volunteers in the Biloxi area who helped get that area back online in the shortest time possible.

For those of you interested in seeing how extensive the damage was, we have a photograph that sums it up nicely.

Monday, September 21

Worldcom DS3 Installed!

Our long awaited UUnet DS3 upgrade was completed earlier today. Thanks goes out to the many MCI Worldcom employees and NETDOOR customers that helped put this one over the line for us. We now have better connectivity to UUnet customers and other sites close to their high speed network. Combine this with our multi-megabit Cable and Wireless and BBN connections and our leadership in providing Mississippi with the best Internet connectivity available is clearly shown. If you know of something else we can add to our growing line reliablity, performance and customer-centric upgrades, please let us know.

Sunday, September 13

Worldcom Disappointment

Due to internal problems within the Worldcom/Brooks Fiber/UUnet companies and communication problems with their vendors, our UUnet Technologies DS3 upgrade ordered 90 days ago has yet to be installed. We have been told for weeks that the installation of our circuit would be "tomorrow" but have yet to see this project completed. We have attempted to have our order made a priority within those companies but this has also failed. Although we are not in need of this bandwidth to provide you with high speed access to the Internet, we would like to have a backup connection that could sustain your needs if our primary connection to the Internet was not functioning. The circuit was scheduled to be installed on August 14 and announced a few weeks earlier on this page. We hope that our circuit will be installed by weeks end.

Area Dialup Announcements

Our north Mississippi customers dialing into Oxford, Ponotoc and Tupelo will be glad to know we have completed the installation of more dialup facilities to help this fast growing location. We have also made the necessary changes to allow for easier upgrades in the future. Our Jackson area customers should have additional dialup facilities by Thursday morning, with our Meridian area customers following sometime within the next 10 business days. As always, we work hard to ensure your connection to the Internet is easy, fast and reliable.

Don't forget to tell your friends across the state about our many local access numbers throughout Mississippi. If you know of an area that you believe needs a reliable, customer minded ISP, please email our Marketing Department so we may find ways to provide access to the community.